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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 19, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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jim matheson was shot twice in the chest while trying to be a peacemaker. traci grant joins us from santa rosa. deputy mathewson was doing a favor for a friend. can you explain what happened after all of this? >> reporter: absolutely, raj. it's important to know that thomas edwin hallerin actually had two restraining orders already taken out against him. one by an ex-wife, another by an ex-girlfriend. the sonoma sheriff's office says he was threatening another elk when he ended up dead this morning. the deputy had come over to try to advise this young woman on how to handle the situation. >> he told her he would kill her and the family because of the breakup. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says that as soon as a 22-year-old woman broke up with 28-year-old thomas edwin
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hallerin nine days ago, he began making threat. the woman didn't think halloran knew where she lived but was scared. the family called an old friend, jim mathiesen who came to their home to give advice. >> mathiesen was doing what his career had taught him to do, to help people and help his community. it's an unfortunate situation that he was caught during that time and ended up getting -- paying the ultimate price. >> reporter: 20 minutes aftermathiesen arrived, so did halloran. he tried to calm the man down, but was shot twice killing him. the ex-girlfriend ran to a neighbor's to call 911. when halloran grabbed the woman's mother and ordered her to help find his ex-girlfriend, the brother ran around with a gun. >> he went to the garage where the mother was forced into a vehicle and shot the suspect twice.
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>> reporter: he was shot in the head and leg and was dead by the time deputies arrived. police are calling it a justified homicide. halloran was on parole after serving a sentence this year for making similar threats. >> we want to investigate if he has further gang ties or prison affiliations. >> reporter: now halloran's facebook page shows that he changed his status from in a relationship to single on july 9 and make references to enjoying the single life. but police say all along he was still making the violent threats. his aunt wrote on his facebook wall he knows it didn't have to end up this way. live in santa rosa, traci grant, nbc bay area news. it happened in a city known for tolerance. a security guard at a museum told a lesbian couple they could not hold hands. it happened at the contemporary jewish museum on sunday. today the director and ceo issued a statement -- denouncing
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the action. she says, "please let me be crystal clear that the cjm has a zero tolerance policy concerning any type of prejudiced or racist word or action whether directed at cjm visitors or staff." the guard was employed by a private security company. the director of the museum says she has filed a formal complaint with the security company and demanded the guard never be assigned to the museum again. the security company has reprimanded the guard, the museum says it is sorry for the incident. okay. take a look. check out the video from the coast guard. that's 62-year-old wind surfer being plucked from the bay area -- excuse me, from the bay early this morning after being stranded in the water overnight. it was a 13-hour ordeal. kathy kultan was wind surfing north of the san mateo bridge when her sail broke leaving her stuck in the middle of the bay. the coast guard found her draped over her board. because she was wearing a wet suit, she was in good condition when they found her.
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>> she's just kind of -- kind of really tired and still a little cold and weak. but she feels okay. you know, she's sort of like -- you know, she's feeling better, you know. i think by tomorrow she'llte be back to her usual self. >> pretty remarkable. kutan was taken from the san francisco coast guard station at sfo. she declined to go a hospital and simply drove home with her husband. both of them are retired doctors. new details into the newsroom right now in a story we first brought you yesterday. two oakland women accused of taking a baby along on a smash-and-grab burglary spree are behind bars. raven stewart brought her 4-month-old baby along with her while she and 24-year-old lashay rodriguez smashed windows and took items from at least five cars in berkeley and emeryville late friday. we got this surveillance video from police today. it shows the women in a store
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exchanging some of the stolen items for gift cards. the baby was with them in a shopping cart. when the women walked to the parking lot, police cars pulled up and blocked their escape. the women face 11 felony counts including possession of stolen property and burglary. >> obviously we're concerned that a small child -- and the child's health, and it's a big concern that the child was with them during the whole time and the lack of parenting. >> the baby was found to be in good health and has been placed with a relative. a friend of one of seven fishermen missing in the sea of cortez is doing what she can to keep the search going. a fundraiser is underway now in danville to help raise money for a private dive team to look for the wreckage of the ship that sank on july 3. many of the passengers on board were from the bay area. the coast guard and mexican navy suspended their search last week after combing over more than 7,000 square miles. mexican officials say divers have not been able to find the wreckage because they are unsure of the boat's location. okay. quick inventory. how many products do you own?
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apple products? one, two, five, six -- >> i have two, what about you? >> i think with the family it's about four or five. >> you've got kids, though. tonight, apple is giving its investors something new to celebrate. we're going to bring in our business and tech reporter, scott budman, with a newmoilstone for apple. scott? you guys are not the only ones by any stretch. apple has been hot for several years, but just when you think you've seen as many i-devices as you're likely to see, they sell more, a lot more. apple breaking records the past three months. during the time period it sold more than nine million ipads and 20 million iphones. apple's stock price which has long made investors happy topped $400 a share tonight in after-hours trading. if you know an apple stockholder, dinner on them. and let's check wall street. the rest of the day very strong. we had earnings last night from ibm and then this morning from coca-cola. a 2 hundred-point gain for the
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dow industrial average. apple will likely help stocks tomorrow morning. back to you. >> are you an apple stockholder? can you reveal that on air here? >> i'm happy to reveal that i'm not -- i guess i'm unhappy to reveal that i'm not. no, no stock. >> very good. scott budman reporting. >> you bet. it was a wild scene. a british comedian armed with a plate of shaving cream is in custody tonight in london an interrupting rupert murdoch's testimony in britain's phone hacking scandal. take a look. >> whoa! >> you saw the woman in the pink suit, she was seen knocking the plate away from murdoch. that's his wife. the protester identified as british comedian johnny marbles was whisked away by police. he was trying to to the pie in the face prank. as for the testimony before parliament which is gripping the united kingdom, murdoch and his son james apologized for the hacking. rupert murdoch explained the paper at the center of the scandal, "news of the world,"
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constitutes less than 1% of his global empire news corp. >> to say we are hands off is wrong. i work a ten or 12-hour day, and i cannot tell you the multitude of issues that i have to handle every day. >> murdoch and his son maintained they were not responsible for any wrongdoing. they say their chief lieutenants who were in charge should be punished. california senator dianne feinstein is fighting for the rights of same-sex couples. tonight the interstate judiciary committee will hear testimony on a bill she introduced to repeal the defensive marriage act. the 15-year-old law defines marriage as between one man and one woman. the bill would give the same-sex couples the same benefits. president obama is endorsing it, saying he views the defensive marriage act as unconstitutional. a mile high city with a new meaning. an air traffic controller in denver is in hot water after
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failing an alcohol test. and free birth control? that's just one of the recommendations from a government panel today. find out who's not happy about it. and preventing one of the most feared and misunderstood diseases before it even starts. the new keys to stopping alzheimer's. good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the heat is on. temperatures warming five to ten degrees, 85 in livermore and currently 85 in santa rosa. tonight we'll be dropping to the 60s in the south bay. and we'll talk about a hot seven-fo
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire.
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that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. topping our healthwatch,
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whether it's a family member or a friend, so many of us are affected by alzheimer's disease. a new poll out today shows the biggest health fears for the baby boom generation are cancer and memory loss. >> today at the alzheimer's association's international conference in paris, a u.c. san francisco researcher released new findings that show it may be possible to cut your risk of alzheimer's by changing your lifestyle. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us with a look at what you can do. >> reporter: this is great news. ucsf researchers identified seven specific risk factors. the empowering news is these are all things we can do something about. that's offering a lot of hope, especially to those who know alzheimer's runs in their family. molly vanden of walnut creek is only 27, but already she's thinking of ways to prevent alzheimer's disease. that's because her 61-year-old father, mark, was diagnosed with the disease. >> it is a great big risk factor after having one parent
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diagnosed. >> reporter: which is why she's making change. starting with what she eats. >> i've learned to cook a little bit healthier instead of using butter, use a little oil. broiling instead of frying. >> reporter: she's also exercising more, lifting weights and walking. new research shows it may pay off. u.c. san francisco researcher dr. debra barnes justice released a study identifying these factors -- physical inactivity, depression, smoking, mid-life hypertension, mid-life obesity, low education, and diabetes. >> so the implications are that up to half of alzheimer's cases may be attributable to these potentially modifiable risk factors. >> reporter: bill fisher, ceo of the northern california alzheimer's association, calls the research empowering. >> you and i and listeners and viewers don't have to be passive observers waiting and fearing that alzheimer's is going to get us. there are -- the studies suggest there are things we could do about that. >> reporter: molly's never
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smoked and went to college, soes so she's already eliminated two risk factors. she says watching the impact alzheimer's has had on her dad the past five years has motivated her. >> it's a good thing and healthy thing. and i think that -- i home i'm in the right direction, and i hope it helps. i can't say that it will for sure. but i can cross my fingers and hope. >> reporter: well, some question whether the seven risk factors really do account for half of all the alzheimer's cases worldwide, researchers point out there is no downside to trying to eliminate them -- you know, getting more exercise and quitting smoking can benefit you in so many other ways. it's definitely a win-win proposition even if it doesn't end up preventing alzheimer's. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. very eye opening. well, women may soon pay nothing for birth control. that's the recommendation of the institute of medicine. a group that the government asked to look at the issue for the new health care law.
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some groups aren't too thrilled about it. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on the recommendations. >> reporter: at a time when some women are finding birth control too expensive for their budgets, a new recommendation could soon make it free. >> we have people having to make very hard choices between paying for thing that they know that they definitely need and also not having the funds to cover other things they need like access to contraception. >> reporter: dr. willie parker with planned parenthood says that can often lead to unplanned pregnancies in women less likely to get prenatal care. >> we don't get a chance to detect the complications of pregnancy like premature birth. >> reporter: after being asked by the government to weigh in, the independent institute of medicine now recommends contraception be considered a preventive service with no co-pay under the new health care law. the law already requires free preventive services like blood pressure checks. but the iom was asked to say what else women need. among the recommendations --
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screening for gestational diabetes, hpv and hiv and counseling on stds. some who take issue with contraception, especially emergency contraception like plan b, are against that part of the recommendation. >> there are people who have ethic or moral objections to contraception. so those groups of people shouldn't be mandated to pay through their insurance premiums for contraceptives for other people. >> reporter: an issue the two sides are unlikely to agree on. as the department of health and human services makes its final decision. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. whether it's for health reasons or for convenience, c-sections are more common than ever. more than one in three babies in the united states is now delivered by c-section. in 2009, 34% of single baby births were done surgically, making it the highest percentage ever. of the 19 states in the study by health grades, california ranked
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eighth. c-sections are most often used when complications arise, but many patients and doctor are now scheduling them for convenience purposes. the weather was so nice today. i did something i normally don't ever do. >> what is that? >> go outside. i went outside for lunch. i left the building. i left my desk. >> goodness. >> it was so beautiful. >> we're so proud of you, janelle. your second week here, and you've decided to leave for your break. that's great. did you feel the heat today? >> yes, it was great. felt so good. >> starting to warm up here. right now 67 in san francisco. hopefully you also got outside today. it really was beautiful. we have a little bit of fog near the coastline. it's really compressed down quite a bit. a sign this drying and also this hot air that's starting to move in place. and as we look from oakland right toward the downtown skyline, you can see the fog has pushed down here with winds westerly at 15 miles per hour. currently 71 right now in oakland. overall, numbers up about five to ten degrees. today, the biggest increase in the east bay. a lot of you now feeling the
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warmth, 85 in livermore, 79 in san jose, 85 in gilroy. and also plenty of upper 70s and low to mid 80s in the north bay with 85 in santa rosa and 79 in napa. if you like what we have today, we're going to love -- yes, love what we have coming for wednesday as it is going to be getting hot inland with 90-degree temperatures returning. and our seven-day forecast, it looks as if this summer heat's going to be staying at least for several more days. let's look at the fog here offshore. past couple of days we've had this completely shrouded in with low cloud cover. take a look here. it's pursuanting south. the fog starting to erode. that's going toal loul for a much sunnier day for tomorrow. sunnier and a clearer day. hot weather over the next 48 hours. 90s expected inland and for thursday, the heat stays. let's just take a look at it because we can. this nonexistent marine layer as we head throughout tonight. at 11:00 p.m., we're not picking up on really anything in the way of cloud cover building offshore of san francisco. a little down here near santa
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cruz. by 6:00 a.m., starting off with a clear morning for everyone here. not looking at any low clouds. and by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, sunny skies prevailing here throughout santa rosa, novato, san rafael, san francisco, and down to san jose. s get akoo at tonight. 53 in los gatos. 59 in san jose. 56 in livermore. concord, 57. and san rafael, 53. and tomorrow on our wednesday, we're going to go up to the 90s here in the south bay with that lack of fog we've allowed the temperatures to warm up about five more degrees for many of you. 87 in san mateo. 78 in san francisco. so it's going to feel at least hot by our san francisco standards tomorrow. 93 in concord. 93 in fairfield. 90 in napa, and plenty of upper 80s and low 90s. you can get more on the weather channel on cable any time. and on our seven-day forecast, you'll see that we're under this hot weather wednesday and thursday inland. friday, saturday, sundays, we get a little bit of a cool-off, still going to be warm. then as we head throughout
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monday and tuesday, the heat is back on a very nice, hot finish there. so we started off july very, very cool than -- cooler than average. and now we're finally starting to get the heat. now that it's here, i'm thinking it feels good but i don't know. three, four days in 90-degree heat -- >> i'm going to be complaining. >> too much. >> i think we need to take it will ourselves, janelle wang, who's new to us -- giving us a hint that we need to take her out to lunch? >> you're trying to throw me under the bus. i did not say. that i'm going to take you out to lunch. yes. >> i'll take up up on it. >> we'll record this. >> thanks, jeff. still to come at 5:00, cracking down on your self-diagnosis habit. the changes that could be coming to a smartphone near you. and too tipsy for work. up next, the place you don't want to hear about drinking on the job -- an airport. stay with us. nbc bay area is on twitter. get breaking news and video of the newest stories. follow at nbc bay area on twitter now.
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drunk on the job? maybe. another possible strike for the airline industry. the faa is investigate a report in which -- is investigating a report in which an air traffic controller failed a random alcohol test earlier this month. the controller was working at the traffic center north of denver and was removed from duty. the faa alcohol limit is.02. the legal limit is.08. this is just the latest in a string of unfortunate incidents involving air traffic controllers. you'll remember earlier this year a controller was found sleeping on the job. another one was caught watching a movie. amazon is not happy with california's new internet sales tax, and they're ready to fight. attorney general harris gave the go ahead to start circulating petitions. the world's largest internet retailer wants to put a referendum on california's february ballot. voters will decide whether they want to pay sales tax for online purchase. amazon wants to overturn the law signed last month by governor brown mandating online retailers
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with the presence in california to collect sales tax. experts predict the law would bring in more than $300 million each year for the cash-strapped state. but that also means prices will increase for amazon customers. to qualify for the february ballot, amazon must gather half a million signatures by late september. there seems to be an app for everything. when it comes to medical apps, the food and drug administration is clamping down. right now there are more than 17,000 medical app available for your cell phone or tablet, they range from calorie counters to heart monitors. now the fda wants to regulate the apps which pose the greatest health risk to the use for they don't work properly. for example, a mobile app which helps control the delivery of insulin or one that monitors abnormal heart rhythms. the fda will listen to public feedback for 90 days before moving forward. here it is -- bigger than youtube, twitters, who has the most friends and followers, who do you think? >> i'm not sure. we'll tell you the entitrdinrecd [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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facebook and twitter, weaver a few followers, but nothing compared to this. the master of the social media universe who has the most friends or followers -- >> lady gaga. she is dominating all three platforms in her 12-inch platforms. justin bieber and rihanna took the number two and three spots respectively according to social media tracking site the most popular politician, president barack obama. the most popular brand in social media is coca-cola. just edging out starbucks. the most popular actor is ashton kutcher. >> i feel like we're at the oscars here. the most popular treated is christiano ronaldo. and the most popular movie,
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"harry potter" beating out the "twilight" saga. the most popular correspondent in the area, jan yell wang. go! go!
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